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A TRAIT we have identified while housesitting around the world is that people who rescue animals seem to lavish extraordinary love and affection on them, possibly by way of making up for what they might have missed out on as a puppy or kitten. 

These are mutts and moggies you won’t find in any book about pure-bred animals, but often they have more charm.

Charlea from Cairo

In Cairo we met Charlea, originally from Vietnam. She looked part jackal but, again, was the most gentle and sweet-natured girl who loved nothing more

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housesitting rescue dogs

Wahshi – the wild one

IN Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, we made fast friends with Wahshi (meaning wild one), an imposing giant who looked part doberman and was often

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housesitting rescue cat UK

Hotel Hampshire

During one sit in the UK, we looked after six cats our hosts had rescued in Cyprus. They had little “cat bunks” in a back

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One-eyed Cris

Of all the animals from our housesits that we have featured on social media, one-eyed Cristobel from Tenerife, on the Canary Islands, has attracted the

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