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WHAT do you get if you cross a siamese cat with a burmese? 

A tonkinese, an often lively and “talkative” cat long recognised as their own natural breed. Their appearance can vary (long or the more common shorthair, and different colours) and they can be deceptively heavy despite their long, slender build. 

It has been our pleasure to care for two tonkinese. Monty was extremely shy to start with, but soon got over any misgivings he had and became a lap sitter. He loved a chat, especially when he was hungry, and had the most piercing blue eyes.

Simba was a lovely senior citizen who, at the ripe old age of 19, still managed to find his way via a chair to the dining room table, where he enjoyed spreading himself out and sleeping on whatever magazine or sheet of paper we were trying to read.


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