Airedale terriers

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AIREDALES, frequently known as the King of Terriers, can weigh up to 32kg and grow to 58cm tall. Like other members of the terrier family they are strong, courageous and exuberant. You won’t find them backing down from an encounter with other dogs but they are also make affectionate and cuddly family pets.

We had the good fortune to look after Tinka and Teddy, two adorable, older Airedales, for a couple of weeks over Christmas, 2018. They loved their walks and were overjoyed to see us whenever we came home or first thing in the morning. Taking a run through a nearby park was their idea of heaven. Like a few of the older animals we have cared for, Teddy was deaf but he took Tinka’s lead when she responded to our call.

As an added bonus, they made great photography subjects. It’s almost impossible to ged a bad picture of them.  

Teddy and his impressive hipster beard.

Tinka’s winning smile.

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